Utilities and Energy

The Answer, My Friend, is Blowin' in the Wind - Spring 2009-Vol.21, No.1 - available PDF file

Although the U.S. became the largest generator of wind power in the world in 2008, there are a few major obstacles to the growth of this clean, renewable energy source. Also, learn which states produce the most megawatts of wind energy for our power-hungry country.

It's Too Bad Stupidity Isn't Painful - Fall 2008-Vol.20, No.2 - available PDF file

The way “Big Oil” has been pilloried in the media, you may think domestic oil and gas companies are reaping the largest profits of all major industries in the U.S. Think again.

Ethanol is a Load of Bull…er…Corn - Spring 2008-Vol.20, No.1 - available PDF file

Legislation mandates the use of 36 billion gallons of renewable fuels by 2022. Find out if the production of the advanced biofuel ethanol is a viable solution to meet this requirement. Or, are the risks to water and food supplies and the environment too high a price to pay?

The Cost of Electricity is Shocking - Watts going on? - Winter 2007 Vol. 19, No. 1 - available PDF file

Because of the reliance on natural gas to fuel generating plants, electricity costs are continuing to rise. In the US alone, demand for electricity is expected to increase by 141,000 megawatts over the next ten years. Since capacity will not be able to meet demand, rates will most likely continue to rise.

Electricity Capacity Glut - Winter 2004-Vol. 14, No. 1 - available PDF file

The U.S. electric-power industry enticed by the promise of deregulated markets, has added more generating plants and capacity than will be needed for years to come.

Electricity Deregulation: California Here We Come? - Fall 2001-Vol. 11, No.4 - available PDF file

A state-by-state comparison of the degree of regulation of the electric utility industry.

Electricity Deregulation, Who Cares? - Spring 1998-Vol.9, No.1 - available PDF file

An overview of alternatives to purchasing power from traditional electricity providers, including self-generation and package-generating units for small quantity users.

Dealing with Retail Wheeling - Spring 1997-Vol.8, No.1 - available PDF file

State-by-state comparison of the regulatory environment for retail wheeling by electric utilities.

Hot, Hot, Hot - Summer 1996-Vol.7, No.3 - request reprint

Nuclear power plants are more expensive to operate than conventionally fired power generation facilities. However, nuclear operational efficiency can be increased by operating plants above their licensed capacity, which several utilities have successfully petitioned the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to do.

You Better Shop Around - Summer 1996-Vol.7, No.3 - request reprint

The table shows the average cost of natural gas for specific states. This display of costs can help moderate-to heavy-users in deciding which location would save them the most money on natural gas.

“Wheel of Fortune” or “Jeopardy”? - Fall 1995-Vol.7, No. 1 - request reprint

Retail wheeling, the practice of allowing one utility or power supplier to sell electricity in another supplier’s territory directly to the end user, will affect changes to electric utilities, industrial consumers and residential users once it is introduced to the marketplace.

Electricity Futures - Fall 1995-Vol.7, No. 1 - request reprint

The price volatility and homogeneity of a kilowatt-hour make electricity a good candidate for futures trading. If electricity futures work, then it will help manage increased risks and allow for a smooth transition into a more competitive industry.

Wind Power - Summer 1994-Vol.5, No.4 - request reprint

An examination of wind power as a financially viable alternative energy source.

The Cost of the Wrong Location - Spring 1994-Vol.5, No.3 - request reprint

An examination of the highest and lowest electricity rates among investor owned power suppliers in the US.

Welcome to the Real World: Competitive Pressures Mount on Electricity Providers - Spring 1994-Vol.5, No.3 - request reprint

With increased price competition, job cuts, and slow growth, electricity providers finally get a chance to experience what the real world is like for most other business organizations.

Trivia for the 90’s - Summer 1990-Vol.2, No.2 - request reprint

Some interesting energy facts concerning U.S. oil consumption, the Middle East, and the cost of a nuclear power plant.