Walker was the first consulting firm to marry location analysis, incentive and real estate negotiations, and development management into an integrated deliverable for corporations in need of industrial facilities. Our methodology has been refined continually since our founding in 1987, the hallmark of which includes:

Integration to shorten the project timeline: 
The expertise to perform location analysis, operating cost studies, labor surveys, site investigation, negotiations, design management and construction implementation reside under one roof.

Specialization to improve your result:
The firm works on industrial facility requirements exclusively. We do not sell real estate, consult for economic development organizations, or offer services that have nothing to do with our core mission.

Single point of accountability on a complex, time-consuming effort:
The recommended solution will address the operational needs of all business functions: logistics, engineering, manufacturing, human resources, tax, accounting, legal, real estate and risk management.

No conflict of interest as we represent corporate clients exclusively:
Walker does not provide services to, or accept fees from, economic development organizations, state or local governments, or any other organization which recruits industry (railroads, utility providers, etc.).