Fall 1994-Vol.6, No. 1
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In the Middle of Nowhere on the Information Super Highway
Industrial space absorption in non-metro markets shows significant gains as companies capture the benefits of lower operating costs and less expensive real estate.

Incentives: Redefining the Outer Limits?
In an effort to attract industry, communities are going beyond the standard enticements to differentiate themselves and elevate their visibility.

Unions Just Don’t Get It
Union attempts to thwart use of mandatory overtime and eliminate the use of contract labor threaten to undermine the resurgence in US industrial competitiveness.

U.S. Taxes: The Other Man’s Grass Is Rarely Greener
Americans pay high taxes; however, when total tax income (federal, state and local) is measured as a percent of GDP, the U.S. ranks third lowest among 24 OCED (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) countries. Data are presented for each country.

Today’s College Degree Equals Yesterday’s High School Diploma
The difficulty in finding a job results from the number of college graduates exceeding demand. Otherwise known as job shortage, this economic situation provides a problem for the fresh college degree.

Advanced Warning to White Collar Workers
The job displacement US manufacturing workers experienced with the growth of off-shore manufacturing may impact white collar workers as well, as the skills of foreign workers increase and begin to populate the ranks of white collar employees.

America’s Youth: The Best Educated Residents in the Poor House
The real income of younger workers has fallen over the years despite higher levels of educational attainment, the only age group to experience a decline. This article explores the reasons for this phenomenon.

Never On Monday
An examination of why Mondays are the worst day of the week for stock market performance.

Caterpillar Bulldozes Strike
Despite the UAW strike and 10,000 workers walking off the job, Caterpillar managed to maintain business and customer service with an extraordinary game plan. The company’s successful strategy and plan to deal with the strike is profiled.

Sinking Taxes in Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Region?
Although the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions are notorious for oppressive taxes, the region is ready for tax reform and the politicians are out to solve this economic ordeal.