Summer 1994-Vol.5, No.4
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Union Organizing Focus
A comprehensive analysis of union elections covering the period 1984-1993, focusing on election activity and union win ratio in each 2-digit manufacturing SIC code.

Alternative Work Schedules and Productivity
An examination of alternative work schedules and their benefits relative to flexibility and production efficiency.

Unfunded Mandates
Unfunded Mandates are those stipulations in federal law requiring municipal governments to take action by utilizing their own funds and resources. These mandates exact a heavy financial burden on local governments.

Brotherhood…But Only to a Point
With reductions in the defense budget, the closing of nuclear weapons facilities, and a state of international peace, a civil war arises among labor unions regarding which unions’ workers will be hired to clean up the mess created by the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

Wind Power
An examination of wind power as a financially viable alternative energy source.

Small Town Rebound
As more job opportunities open up and the quality-of-life advantages take precedence over the big town, rural counties grow by the millions.

Does Right To Work Matter?
A state-by-state comparison of union election win ratios over the period 1984-1993.

The Weather is Not the Only Thing That is Hot
With economic recovery, the industrial real estate market continues to improve especially in the Southeastern region (Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee). The article presents statistics on industrial space absorption by state and building quality for the period 1989-1994

Where Will Companies Locate in 1994?
When it comes to new facilities, relocations, and expansions, the Southeast receives the most attention.