Winter 1991-Vol.3, No.4
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The Strongest Are Also the Weakest
Over the years, Interstate 85 from Atlanta to Greensboro has claimed the title of the strongest growth market; however, an analysis of industrial space absorption across the Southeast shows I-85 to be one of the worst markets in the past 22 months. The problem is that the amount of industrial space exceeds the amount actually absorbed.

Union Election Scorecard: Fewer Elections, But Greater Success
Unions are focusing their efforts and funds on improving their organization. The analysis includes a state-by-state comparison of election data for the Southeastern states.

Bottom Fisherman Take Note: Bargains May Abound Among Southeastern Shell Buildings
Although there is a surplus of industrial space, development authorities continue to throw money at the construction of spec/shell buildings.

Doing Well by Doing Good: “Bargain Sales” Can Boost Your Net
An examination of “Bargain Sales” of surplus industrial assets to 501c(3) organizations, with an illustration of a transaction to demonstrate the tax savings arising therefrom.

New Accounting Rule Impacts Bottom Line: Long-Term Union Contracts Especially Problematic
The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) rules post-retirement benefits other than pensions must be reported on an accrual basis. Companies with long term union contracts are especially concerned about the impact this accounting change will have on corporate earnings.

NLRB Dictates Plant Relocations: Board Issues New Guidelines
Before a company relocates, it has to bargain or negotiate with its workers and provide all necessary documentation that meets NLRB’s guidelines.

It Was Only a Death Threat
The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that an unlawfully discharged employee who threatened to kill a supervisor be reinstated because his actions were not so flagrant as to deny him employment.

The Check’s in the Mail, I Gave at the Office, and I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help
The federal government compiles a mass of data to benefit companies buying or selling industrial properties. The article lists nine such datasets.