Summer 1991-Vol.3, No.2
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Interstate Proximity and Its Affect On Disposal of Industrial Properties: Analysis of Recent Transactions Shows Surprising Results
An analysis of surplus building sale transactions and the effect of interstate proximity on the sale price.

“Union Yes:” Research and Market Segmentation Undergirds New Organizing Campaign
The AFL-CIO is responding to the fall in union membership by “market segmentation” and “product diversification.” The platform theme of the “Union Yes” campaign consists of three elements: associate memberships, a scientific and much broader-based organizing program, and development of quality mass marketing programs.

A New Trojan Horse: Declining Union Membership Creates False Sense of Security
Union membership is declining; however, should manufacturers make the assumption that the unions will not fight back? The answer is an emphatic "No", because unions are making the organization of non-union workers their top priority and giving employers two new problems to face.

Paying the Piper: Manufacturers Prepare for Sharp Increases in Capital Spending
Manufacturers experienced sharp increases in productivity in the late 80’s, while capital investment per manufacturing worker fell. New capital investment will be required to maintain the pace of growth while overcoming tighter environmental regulations, restricted access to capital and tight labor supplies.

Corporate Officer Held Liable For Environmental Contamination: Personal Liability Found for Executive
Federal court rules a corporation’s president may be held personally liable for the business’s environmental violations, even if he had no knowledge of them.