Summer 1990-Vol.2, No.2
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Waste Disposal Problems Loom
State-by-state comparison of landfill capacities, and trends in tipping fees by region of the US.

On-Line Database of Toxic Chemicals: National Library of Medicine’s TOXNET Will Help Corporate Real Estate Executives
TOXNET is an online database of the National Library of Medicine that can be queried by address or lat/long coordinate for a complete list of toxic chemicals used or stored at that location.

Results of Confidential AFL-CIO Analysis of Union Elections: The Key to Successful Organizing Campaigns?
The Walker Companies publish a confidential AFL-CIO analysis of union election results, and compiles our own analysis of election results which clearly disputes the AFL-CIO findings.

Are You a Union Target?
“A Union Analysis of Company Vulnerability” is a 5-page questionnaire used by the International Association of Machinists (IAM) to assess company vulnerability to an organizing campaign.

Trivia for the 90’s
Some interesting energy facts concerning U.S. oil consumption, the Middle East, and the cost of a nuclear power plant.