Fall 1989-Vol.1, No.1
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Labor Unions: Election Kill Ratios. Who’s Hot and Who’s Not!

State-by-state and union-by-union analysis of election results for nine Southeastern states, covering the period 1/88-8/89.

Available Industrial Buildings How Good and How Many?
The Walker Companies analyzed its database of available industrial facilities in the Southeast, which included single-user buildings in the non-metropolitan areas of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Case Study: The United Steelworkers-- Elections Throughout the Southeast, but Success in Few Areas
This case study on the United Steelworkers Union shows the number of elections, elections won and geographic area of concentration.

SAT Scores: What You Don’t Know - does the Score Really Mean Anything?
A lot rides on SAT scores and many things can influence them. To politicians, low scores can mean the difference between not only school funding, but also constituent votes. Despite any correlations that might be drawn from test scores and the population taking them, this article is quick to point out that funding decisions aren’t always based on what’s fair.