Location Analysis & Site Selection

Our WISER site selection optimization model quickly identifies all locations that meet or exceed client requirements relative to:

•    Labor availability and quality
•    Wage rates
•    Union activity
•    Property and inventory taxes
•    Electricity cost
•    Proximity to highways, ports, rail, airports, intermodal and LTL terminals
•    Quality of life
•    Other client-specific requirements

Using client-defined screening criteria, this meticulous, front-end process insures that only the best alternatives are selected for more detailed, on-site investigation.   For example, labor studies, exhaustive operating cost analyses and comparisons in finalist locations are among the many factors evaluated.

WISER narrows the field of options and identifies those locations which merit a comprehensive search for sites and buildings. We tap every possible source of real estate information, including:

•    Local, regional and state economic developers
•    State and local government agencies
•    Utility companies
•    Railroads
•    Real estate brokers and developers
•    Property owners

Our thorough research insures all real estate options are identified and evaluated.  We often unearth greenfield sites that can be acquired and developed at much lower cost than comparable developer-owned property.