Spring 2009-Vol.21, No.1

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Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers...
The results of a post-election Zogby poll reveal which political issues, both serious and ridiculous, captured the attention of voters. You decide whether or not voter awareness of these issues was influenced by the media.

Gas Pains
In their efforts to conserve energy and money, Americans are driving less and buying fuel-efficient cars. Lower consumption means less federal gasoline taxes paid, resulting in a deficit in federal funding for highway infrastructure. The Fed’s solution? Raise fuel taxes to make up the shortfall! It’s a Catch-22.

The Answer, My Friend, is Blowin' in the Wind
Although the U.S. became the largest generator of wind power in the world in 2008, there are a few major obstacles to the growth of this clean, renewable energy source. Also, learn which states produce the most megawatts of wind energy for our power-hungry country.

Are We Looking At the Same Thing?
This article examines two separate studies that measure the economic competitiveness of the 50 states based on fiscal and economic development measures. While both studies examine a broad range of indicators, the studies’ findings are surprisingly divergent. But does either study really evaluate the issues that are most relevant to a company’s industrial site selection decision?

Cruising for a Bruising
Ocean shipping analysts predict that the global shipping industry will barely tread water in 2009 with an “anemic” global dry bulk shipping forecast on the horizon. Find out the reasons behind this “perfect storm” prediction.

Motivation, Like Bathing, Doesn't Last
When you read the torturous tactics one company implemented to motivate its employees, you will ask yourself: What were they thinking?

The Garden State is No Bed of Roses
If you know your state nicknames, the title of the article tells you which state ranked as the worst on the GMAC national survey of drivers. Read the article to find out which states had the highest scoring drivers, and who is more likely to fail the written driving exam—men or women.

You Can't Get There From Here
Residents of major U.S. cities are no stranger to traffic congestion. The Travel Time Index (TTI)--the ratio of travel time in the peak period to the travel time at free-flow conditions--is plotted for the ten most congested metro areas. It’s no surprise which city is ranked number one for travel congestion.

Kerry, McCain, Bush and Obama
Approximately 1.4 million Americans that voted for John Kerry in 2004, voted for John McCain in 2008. A whopping 47 million voted for George Bush in 2004, but voted for Barack Obama in 2008. Examine the differences in the demographics of these voters with shifting party allegiances.