Fall 2008-Vol.20, No.2

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It's Too Bad Stupidity Isn't Painful
The way “Big Oil” has been pilloried in the media, you may think domestic oil and gas companies are reaping the largest profits of all major industries in the U.S. Think again.

Excuse Me...Is That Spot Taken?
Record freight flows of consumer goods are one factor that drives the need for more trailer parking at companies’ mega-distribution centers, and is creating headaches for developers.

Don't Confuse Me With the Facts
Organized labor doesn’t want to hear it, but the economic performance of right-to-work states eclipses non-right-to-work states by a significant margin.

Virtue in the middle," said the Devil...
A U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform (ILR) study found that a state’s litigation environment influences almost two-thirds of corporations in their decisions about locating facilities or doing business there. Find out how your state is viewed.

You Can have It in Any Color
Health care insurance requirements vary from state to state, resulting in tremendous variation on coverage costs. Some states actually mandate coverage for conditions such as alcoholism, in vitro fertilization and…are you ready for this one...hair prostheses? Site selectors may want to avoid states with the heaviest legislative hand.

Labor Unions and the Hydra Strategy
This article explores organized labor’s multi-front offensive to influence the Democratic Party’s policies, all of which are designed to increase political power and reverse the trend in declining union membership.

The Wage Premium for Unionized Workers
Does being a member of a union increase a worker’s earning power? And who does union membership benefit more—the low-wage worker or the high-wage worker?