Spring 2008-Vol.20, No.1
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The Road to Ruin?
Has the country’s burgeoning highway congestion and deterioration taken a back seat to other internal supply chain problems? This article pinpoints the regional areas whose interstate highways are operating at 90% capacity or higher, and in the top quintile for truck traffic.

Ethanol is a Load of Bull…er…Corn
Legislation mandates the use of 36 billion gallons of renewable fuels by 2022. Find out if the production of the advanced biofuel ethanol is a viable solution to meet this requirement. Or, are the risks to water and food supplies and the environment too high a price to pay?

Oil and Bottled Water Don’t Mix
Bottled water is the fastest growing beverage in the world. Yet, you may be surprised to learn just how much fossil fuel is used annually to satisfy Americans’ insatiable thirst for this drink’s plastic packaging. And the cost comparison of bottled water to tap water—staggering!

All People are Born Alike…Except Republicans and Democrats
A non-partisan poll reveals which political party members are more likely to describe their mental health as “excellent.” Hint: There’s an elephant in the room.

Explosion in RFIDs
The market demand for these radio-frequency tracking devices continues to escalate each year, especially as a tool to detect possible weapons of mass destruction in shipping containers entering U.S. seaports. On the flip side, RFID technology poses some frightening risks.

Private Water, Public “Whoa!”
The 1990s began an upward trend in the number of U.S. cities that opted for privatization of their municipal water systems. Find out why some of those same cities pulled the plug on these contracts, lest their cities go down the drain.

Saving Greenbacks with Green DCs
The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 sets guidelines for tiered reductions in energy consumption for commercial buildings by the year 2050. This article highlights the costs and benefits to developers, and the innovative solutions to reduce energy use in the design of distribution centers.