Winter 2006 - Vol. 18, No.1
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AFL-CIO Gets Knocked Down…Can They Get Up Again?
In the Summer of 2005, the AFL-CIO lost 40 % of its membership as four large unions left to form the Change to Win Coalition. This article analyzes historical trends in union organizing activity and win ratio for all unions. In addition, the article charts the amazing success/growth of the Service Employees Union – the largest union in the US.

Investor Demand for Industrial Property Marches On!
This article discusses the unprecedented demand for stabilized industrial property and shows how The Walker Companies can deliver a “turn-key” leased facility to a corporate tenant at a significantly lower cost with the same or better execution capabilities as a national developer.

“The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers.” – William Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part 2 – Competition for Jobs Fuels Tort Reform
In a 2004 poll of in-house general counsels and senior litigators, more than 80% of respondents indicated that the litigation environment could color their decision about locating a business or doing business in a state. This article identifies the states seeking tort reform as they continue to compete for jobs and investment with other states.

You Don’t Get What You Pay For – States with Higher Medicare Spending Lower Quality Care
According to a recent study in the journal Health Affairs, states with higher Medicare spending are more likely to provide lower quality, less effective care to Medicare Beneficiaries. In addition, the number of general practitioners in the medical workforce has a direct relationship with high-quality care.

It Can’t Be Harassment If We Are Having Sex – Only in California…
A recent ruling by the California Supreme Court could broaden the definition of sexual harassment to include “sexual favoritism” thanks to the sexual escapades of Warden Lewis Kuykendall of the Valley State Prison for Women.

Three Hurricanes in Three Months: The Straw that Broke the Piggy’s Back – How Pork in the Transportation Equity Act Became The Republican’s Last Straw
President Bush signed into law the costliest transportation bill ever on August 10, 2005. This article analyzes how this summer’s hurricanes may have changed some Republican porkers thinking about this lard-laced legislation.