Winter 2005 - Vol.16, No.1
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Logistics Network Analysis: Following the Numbers Out the Window – An Easy Fix for a Serious Deficiency
You’ve seen the analysis published annually identifying the best location for distribution centers if your objective is minimizing distance to every person in the U.S. As an “attention grabber” this research is effective, but it ignores two critical facts: transportation costs are not directly correlated with distance and transportation costs are only one variable of total logistic cost. The Walker Companies have developed a fast, inexpensive method for adding far more analytical power to the traditional network optimization study, which can shave millions of dollars from the logistics budget.

If Presidential Elections Were Held This Way, Jimmy Hoffa Would be in the Oval Office: Casting Ballots in the Comfort of Your Own Home
Faced with declining union membership rates, Big Labor is trying to eliminate secret ballot elections from the union election process. In its place, unions want “card checks” to be the norm, often subjecting workers to “home visitation” to sign union authorization cards that count as a “vote” in favor of unionization.

Getting Blood from a Turnip: The continuing success in reducing logistics costs
In 2003, U.S. Logistics costs totaled $936 billion, 8.5% of gross domestic product. After hovering around 10% for nearly a decade, logistics cost as a percent of GDP have been on a steady decline since 2001. This abstract explores the difficulties supply chain professionals have in keeping these cost low.

Baby, Oh Baby…We Need More Babies!: Overpopulation?…Overblown!
Worried that the world is becoming overpopulated? Think Again. U.S. birthrates have been declining since 1957 – from 3.7 births per woman to just under 2.1 births, the rate required to maintain a level population. This article explores the reasons behind declining U.S. birth rates and what effect “depopulation” will have on the economy.

Less than Truckload – More Than Expected: LTL carriers put the pedal to medal in ‘04
This article explores the reasons behind the less-than-truckload (LTL) resurgence in 2004. In addition, it provides insight on how the changes in the LTL industry will affect unionized LTL carriers.

Move Over Jesse: Kerry has his own Rainbow Coalition
Deeper examination of the now-famous Red-versus-Blue county map adopted by the mainstream media shows surprising diversity in the regions that supported John Kerry in the last presidential election. This analysis compares and contrasts the demographic, economic and educational characteristics of the main regions of the U.S. that supported Kerry.