Fall 1998-Vol. 9, No. 2
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Playing the Incentive Game
State-by-state trends in the use of incentives and financial inducements to maintain and attract jobs and investment.

Not All Taxes are Created Equal
An overview of data from the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) on the use of local option sales taxes to raise money. Presented is a state-by-state comparison of whether local option taxes are permitted.

Third Lock’s a Charm
Growth in international trade is exceeding the Panama Canal’s ability to accommodate the traffic. A theoretical solution to this problem is a third set of locks; however, there are some economic and environmental concerns.

Shorter Day, Greater Pay
Teachers may feel they are overworked, but a new study shows that low pay is not necessarily a problem relative to other workers. Actually the average worker earns less and works more than teachers.

North Carolina is Still No. 1 (Sorry Dean, we’re not talking Basketball)
The percentage of union membership among private sector manufacturers is on the decline nationwide, with North Carolina at a modest 2.5%. Also presented are unionization rates for other states.

The Glass Ceiling
Although the percentage of women managers in the U.S. has increased, they still receive less pay than their male counterparts in the same jobs. But women in the U.S. obtain access to more appealing jobs and administrative positions than women in other countries.

The Southeastern Real Estate Market
The Southeastern Industrial Real Estate Market is profiled, with comprehensive data on available industrial buildings profiled by several different building characteristics: available square footage, average building square footage, average distance to the interstate, time on market, and those with rail service or cranes.