Spring 1998-Vol.9, No.1
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Something Has Got to Give
The results of a survey of 150 corporate executives on the most important site selection factors considered for their new investments. Labor availability is the number one consideration.

The Rich Get Richer
Since the average income of the richest families is growing faster than the income of the poorest, the income gap between these two classes continues to expand. Economists suggest that this gap is due to rapid technological change, which requires a more skilled work force.

Engineering Tax Out of the Building
Few corporate real estate executives factor tax engineering into the real estate process; therefore, personal property is frequently misclassified as real property, which needlessly increases income, property, sales, and transfer taxes. The amount of overstatement is estimated for several different building types.

They’re Dropping Faster than Clinton’s Pants
The AM Best Company 1997 Annual Workers’ Compensation Insurance Market Annual Report states that workers compensation premiums continue to decline. Increased competition among insurance providers, large deductible policies, and state reform programs are the primary reasons. Presented is a state-by-state comparison of rate changes.

A World of Unions
A comparison of union membership levels and changes among the world’s most unionized countries.

Electricity Deregulation, Who Cares?
An overview of alternatives to purchasing power from traditional electricity providers, including self-generation and package-generating units for small quantity users.

College Bills for Infants
State-by-state comparisons detailing which states have a prepaid tuition plan, passed or pending legislation, full tuition scholarships, or are undergoing a study to test their feasibility for the plan.

Where Air Cargo?
According to the Air Transport Association the most metric tons handled by an airport in 1996 was the main hub of Federal Express operation—Memphis. The rest of the top ten were Los Angeles, Miami, New York-JFK, Louisville, Anchorage, Chicago-O’Hare, Newark, Atlanta, and Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Union Hope
Results of recent union election activity, comparing certification and decertification results.

The Southeastern Industrial Real Estate Market
The Southeastern Industrial Real Estate Market is profiled, with comprehensive data on available industrial buildings profiled by several different building characteristics: available square footage, average building square footage, average distance to the interstate, time on market, and those with rail service or cranes.