Fall 1997-Vol.8, No.2
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Revolution in Design-Build
An overview and comparison of various project delivery techniques, citing the advantages and disadvantages of each.

How Large is the U.S. Logistics Market?
Line-item summary of logistics expenditures in the US, including inventory carrying costs, transportation and administration.

One Union to Fear
Although union membership has declined continuously in recent years, the Union of Needle Trades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE) is achieving success. Includes a state-by-state comparison of union election results.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
Examination of a new lease structure that allows corporations to achieve off-balance sheet treatment of the lease, yet still claim a depreciation deduction for the asset.

Why Pay More?
State-by-state comparison of manufacturing wages.

Location Determines Liability
State-by-state comparison of unemployment tax rates.

The Anti-Inflation Fallacy
The federal government’s modification to the methodology used to calculate the consumer price index has resulted in a reduction in the index versus previous years’ numbers.

The Better Marriage
An overview of the benefits and problems arising from two railroad mergers: Burlington Northern/ Sante Fe (BNSF) and Union Pacific/ Southern Pacific (UPSP).

Where Comped Workers Live
A state-by state ranking and comparison of 5 years’ data on workers compensation costs.

The Sweeney Factor
A three-year analysis of union election results. It compares the final 18-month tenure of Lane Kirkland and the initial 18-month tenure of John Sweeney as President of the AFL-CIO. Sweeney’s leadership brings an increase in the number of elections, union victories, and union winning percentage.

Captain Crunch
Increasing financial obligations due to un-funded mandates from the states are squeezing many of the country’s 3,000+ counties.