Spring 1997-Vol.8, No.1
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The Subsidized South
Comparison of balance of payments on a state-by-state basis, showing which states receive more in federal funding than their residents and businesses pay in federal income taxes.

Dealing with Retail Wheeling
State-by-state comparison of the regulatory environment for retail wheeling by electric utilities.

Where Unions Focus
Data on union election activity in the ten states with the greatest level of activity. Also includes state-by-state comparison of election activity per 100,000 workers.

Union Homework!
Analysis of needle trade unions and organizing successes. The study compares the success in organizing in counties with no previous union membership versus those with pre-existing unions.

It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over
In order to gain union representation an election petition has to be filed and then the union must be victorious in that election. However, a large percentage of election petition’s fail. A state-by-state analysis of election petitions give companies insight about where petitions are easily derailed and where there is less petition activity.

Accelerate that Depreciation
Rules-of-thumb for calculating the savings in income taxes that may accrue from reclassifying certain assets from real property to personal property

Businesses are Crossing the Line
Large and small businesses are migrating across state lines in search of lower and more competitive operating cost environments. According to a study by Dun and Bradstreet 56,000 businesses were on the move (1991-1995) mostly to the Southeastern and Mountain states. Includes a state-by-state comparison of net business migration.

Go Girl
According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute workers have been changing jobs more frequently in recent years; however, women maintain a steady pace in median job tenure. Although job tenure for males is higher, the trend suggests that in the near future females could easily take over their male counterparts.