Fall 1996-Vol.7, No. 3
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The Hidden Cost of Holding Out: Examining “Lowball” Offers

Sellers of real estate often reject purchase offers that they feel are too low. However, they ignore critical issues that, if evaluated, may cause them to accept such offers. This article offers an analytical technique to gauge real estate purchase offers using a methodology that incorporates all relevant issues, not just the value of the purchase offer.

Safety Concern in Economic Upturn
According to the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), the economic upturn has increased the level of worker’s compensation claims.

Smaller, But Stronger
Union membership has declined; however, union influence has not necessarily diminished. Two strong arguments can be made to challenge the theory on loss of union power.

Unions Win More - Lose Less
Although union membership has declined, election victories have increased. Two conclusions can be drawn from recent election data suggesting that unions are more efficient and stronger in their strategies.

Corporate Income Tax Overstated
Among taxes paid by U.S. businesses (1994), payroll and property taxes are more costly than the infamous corporate income tax, which ranked third. This article presents a comparison of corporate tax payments by type

Union Dues and Don’ts
Private sector union dues exceed $5 billion, and an estimated 70-80% of this is spent on political activities and other areas that have nothing to do with collective bargaining. This article explores the need for accountability by unions on political expenditures.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome or Hype
A 1994 state of Oregon study explores the difference between Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) perceptions and reality, citing data on the incidence of CTS by type of employment.

The American Dream Still Exists
Who do you think is more likely to go to college and succeed—the child of a college graduate or the child of a high school graduate? Many would assume that the child of the college graduate has the ultimate advantage; however, certain trends and two societal factors explain that success can go either way.

Over Employed Unemployment Funds
A state-by-state comparison of unemployment trust fund reserve levels.

Unhealthy Investment
Often overlooked in site selection analyses is the fiscal health of the communities under consideration. A starting point is to review municipal bond ratings, which decipher whether counties will have future problems in taxes, educational environment, etc.