Summer 1996-Vol.7, No.3
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Right to Lower Wages, But Higher Cost of Living

Non Right-to-Work (NRTW) states offer union proponents many advantages they don’t enjoy in Right-to-Work (RTW) states, one of which is a higher gross income level for union workers. However, on a cost of living-adjusted basis, workers in RTW states are actually in a better financial situation. Data are presented to support this analysis.

The Union “Advantage” or “Disadvantage”?
Once taxes and costs of living are factored into union pay, the question arises as to whether there is an advantage to union membership. In addition, with global competition and jobs being driven offshore these unionized facilities are target for shut down.

Hot, Hot, Hot
Nuclear power plants are more expensive to operate than conventionally fired power generation facilities. However, nuclear operational efficiency can be increased by operating plants above their licensed capacity, which several utilities have successfully petitioned the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to do.

Who Votes Union “Yes”
An analysis of the 1995 voting record of each member in the U.S. House of Representatives on 12 key legislative bills of significance to organized labor. With a few exceptions, congressmen from heavily unionized states favor pro-union legislation.

Bigger and Faster
In January 1996, the Maersk Line introduced a 6,000 TEU (twenty foot equivalent unit) container ship. This bigger vessel may precipitate a new battle among shipping lines to gain a competitive advantage in other parts of the world

Explosion in Containerized Freight
Since 1980, TEU (twenty foot equivalent unit) volume in container ships has experienced very heavy growth. The article presents a 30-year comparison of containerized freight volume by region of the world.

I Want My FTZ
An overview of the benefits of operating in a Foreign Trade Zone, with illustration of the cash flow savings a corporation might achieve based on various duty rates, inventory values and inventory turns.

You Better Shop Around
The table shows the average cost of natural gas for specific states. This display of costs can help moderate-to heavy-users in deciding which location would save them the most money on natural gas.

Crime Doesn’t Pay
A state-by-state comparison of crime rates.