Spring 1996-Vol. 7, No.2
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The High Price of Low Risk
A state-by-state comparison of the percentage of companies in workers compensation assigned risk pool coverage.

The HMO Trap
As medical costs continue to rise, the emergence of HMO’s has allowed many companies to better control medical costs. However, a study suggests that HMO’s actually increase worker’s compensation costs due to their higher propensity to classify claims as compensable under workers compensation, since they make more money that way.

Railroad Industry at Crossroads
Railroad mergers lead to more capital improvements, profits, efficiency, and success. However, the Union Pacific/ Southern Pacific marriage has members of the Coalition for Competitive Rail Transportation feeling that UP/SP is in violation of anti-trust law.

Union’s Sinking Ship
Union membership is declining due to the constant pressure of corporate downsizing, stagnant wage growth, and low wage competition from third world nations.

Know the Secret Code
With improved knowledge of the devastating impact of natural disasters on facility structure, building codes have been adjusted to reflect the likelihood of increased damaged by an event. It is important for companies to hold a comprehensive review of local building codes if considering expansion of an existing facility or retrofit of a second-generation building, as compliance with new codes could be very expensive.

Out of This World
A city-by-city comparison of lease rates on industrial space throughout the world.

Invest in Thyself
State economic development agency spending on growth of existing industry is on the rise.

The Double-Edged Sword
With 300,000 illegal immigrants entering the United States each year, the government has placed the responsibility for weeding out illegal immigrants into the hands of the employer. However, employers face the problem of crossing that fine line between extreme selectivity and discrimination.

Building on a Super Fund Site?
The redevelopment of abandoned industrial land is flourishing because of modified laws and regulations.