Summer 1995-Vol.6, No.4
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A Road Map to Lower Workers Compensation Costs
A state-by-state comparison of workers compensation cash indemnity and medical payments per employee

Clinton’s Last Hope
Although President Clinton’s pro-labor legislation failed, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) instilled hope for organized labor. Their weapon against “Big Business” and Republicans is the Ten (J) injunction petition, which grants workers emergency relief from the courts.

Building a Building
An overview of the design/build project delivery method, which allots responsibility to one entity, theoretically reducing the adversarial relationship between the architect and general contractor, promoting communication, and keeping the building process on schedule.

America’s Neglected Future
The elderly in this country need their benefits; however, should it be at the expense of America’s youth? An examination of government spending programs for seniors and youth.

Open Your Wallet and Say “Ouch”
A country-by-country comparison of health spending as a percent of GNP, showing the staggering amount of money dedicated to healthcare in the US versus other nations.

New Militant Leadership for AFL-CIO?
Although union membership has declined and employers may have lessened concerns with union efforts, the ascendancy of John Sweeney to the presidency of AFL-CIO may signal a change, with significantly more spending on organizing efforts anticipated.

America’s Low Wage Advantage
A country-by-country comparison of manufacturing wage rates, including holiday pay, social security contributions and other benefits

Does Global Stock Diversification Minimize Risk?
An analysis of stock market performance in foreign markets versus the US.