In the run-up to the November elections much was made of perceived media bias that treated President Barack Obama with kid gloves while savaging Senator John McCain. We won’t get into that here, but one public opinion survey in particular sheds an interesting light on media coverage.
Last year proved to be a volatile one for gas prices–with July 2008 being the bleakest month on record. Average national prices were as high as $4.11 per gallon and many areas of the country were being plagued with long gas lines and
supply shortages.
Back in the 1960s, Bob Dylan’s song melodiously and metaphorically suggested that the wind would reveal the solutions for the nation’s social ills. Almost five decades later, wind power is poised to be one “answer” to the U.S. need for both clean, renewable, affordable energy sources and job growth in a country too often held hostage by fossil fuel
price fluctuations.
Two people can look at the same thing and see totally different images. Take the drawing to the left…do you see flowers and a butterfly, or a young woman? You can see both of them once you know what you are looking for.
In addition to the numerous global industries whose profits are lost at sea in this worst recession since the 1930s, container freight volumes–and rates–are circling the drain as well.
That paraphrase from Zig Ziglar should have been embraced by Prosper Inc. of Provo, Utah, when one of its supervisors thought it would be a good idea to waterboard a salesman as a motivational technique to get the company’s telemarketers
fired up.
Of late, GMAC is best known for elbowing itself to the front of the soup line in Washington to get its bailout money. But it also does an annual national survey of drivers designed to measure their knowledge of driving rules.
“Time is money” has never been a more meaningful aphorism given the cost of fuel. Companies looking for new sites for warehouses or manufacturing plants should take special note of recent research that identifies the worst traffic congestion in
the U.S.
Thank goodness…no. But there are some interesting changes in the electorate from the Kerry-Bush race to McCain-Obama.