Of late, GMAC is best known for elbowing itself to the front of the soup line in Washington to get its bailout money. But it also does an annual national survey of drivers designed to measure their knowledge of driving rules. The winner (or is it loser) for having the least knowledgeable drivers is New Jersey, followed by Washington DC, New York, and Massachusetts. There must be something in the water in the Northeast, because these states have been in the bottom five in each of the last three years.
The best informed motorists are in Kansas, Wyoming, Nebraska and Idaho. All that knowledge seems like a waste in states where you simply point the car in the right direction and hit the accelerator.
Among some of the more disturbing findings of the test:
If taken today, over 16% of U.S. drivers would not pass a written driving exam.
Women were more likely to fail the test than men.
The older the driver, the higher the score.
Drivers in the Northeast have the highest failure rate.
The survey included 5,524 licensed drivers at least 16 years old, balanced for gender, age and ethnicity. It included at least 100 drivers from each state and the District of Columbia.